“The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke” Jerzy Kosinski



Bill Weasly - Harry Potter
Eulalie Hicks Secrets of Dumbledore
Black Widow Iron Man 2
Rita Skeeter Harry Potter
SuperGirl WW Vibes based in a sketch by Robert Tonner
young Luke Skywalker
Padme Amidala Gold Traveler
Fleur Delacour
Young Princess Leia
Wonder Woman Witching Hour
Captain America, The Winter Soldier
Padma and Pavarti Patil Harry Potter
Luna Lovegood
Harley Quinn
Yara Flor
Secrets of Isis
Viktor Krum
Ahsoka Tano - The Mandalorian
Cara Dune
Mariette Edgecombe HP


All dolls shown here reside in private collections