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Monica Kohnke



Hello, I am Monica Kohnke, and I have been tinkering with dolls and paints for about 15 years now.
I call myself a doll customizer more than a doll repainter, since I try to create a complete character from head to toe and I often fabricate every little detail. Many times I have counted on the help of other artists to create certain pieces of clothing that I might alter later.
This form of art allows me to combine two passions of mine: doll collecting and sci-fi. My first couple of years I work almost exclusively with TV shows and movies like Star Trek and Star Wars, and TV nostalgia shows like Lost in Space, The Munsters and Batman 1966, among others. Later I found my inspiration in fantasy and super heroes, from comic books, TV s
hows and movies. Recently I have been requested to recreate celebrities like Beyonce or Taylor Swift, which I gladly do although I must confess that sci-fi is still my primary love..
To see more of my dolls, please feel free to visit my blog at, thank you for stopping by!

All dolls shown here reside in private collections

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