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My commission book is OPEN. Occasionally I offer dolls for sale in private auctions, please use the form below if you want to be included in my for sale list. Terms for every sale are included on my private sale invites, Suggestions for new characters are always welcomed! Thank you.

Current Commissions:​​​​​​

  1. Harry Potter Yule

  2. Ron Weasley Yule Ball

  3. Princess Leia Camo

  4. Seraphina Picquery Fantastic Beast 

  5. Weasley Twins

  6. Irma Pince

  7. Pancy Parkinson Yule

  8. Pancy Parkinson uniform

  9. Draco Malfoy Yule Ball

  10. Asokah Tano

  11. Witch Mother

  12. Lavender Brown Uniform

  13. Lavender Brown

  14. Luna Lovegood Yule Ball

  15. Neville Longbottom Yule Ball

  16. Theseus Scamander

  17. Gellert Grindelwald 

  18. Yusuf Kama

  19. Persival Graves

Coming Soon for Private Sale

America Chavez

Note about contacting me

I  had to remove the contact form because I was receiving tons of spam mail since my email address was visible and robots, you know, lol.  but you; dear human being, can easily find me on Facebook  or Instagram, link below​​​​​​​​​​​​

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All dolls shown here reside in private collections

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